Top Casino Software Providers

Some of the Top Online Casino Software Providers
Online gambling is a billion dollar industry and it seems like that amount will only keep to grow, with new people turning 18 and being legally allowed to gamble on a daily basis. This article will be of informational kind and should serve those that want to know a little bit more about companies that are behind the development of casino games.

Truth be told, there are about 3-4 very big online gambling development companies and the rest are just ”around”. It doesn’t mean that they don’t make any money, just that behind the back of giant companies, they are hardly noticed.

MicroGaming are the first of these huge companies and one that are considered the true pioneers of this industry. They have been in online gambling since its inception, in late 1990s and are still here today, which already says something.

They develop online slots, table games as well as mobile casinos and live dealer ones, by following the latest industry trends.

You can see some of the current mobile casinos who use Microgaming as a mobile casino software prowider they list around 70 of the mobile casinos, and review the  games from Microgaming.

Net Entertainment is also a very well known, publicly traded scandinavian company that seems to enjoy popularity all around Europe. They stand out with extraordinary quality graphics and features in their slot machines, as well as unique mobile casino games.

NetEnt, as the company is often referred to, also is in the Guinness Record Book – in 2013, the largest online progressive jackpot ever was won on the slot machine Mega Fortune. It amounted to just a bit more than 17.8 million, which I’m sure will suit the winner quite well.

PlayTech are also veterans within the industry and a company that works in all gaming verticals. They don’t just limit their products to casino, but rather also work in online poker, bingo, trading ad sports betting.

Casino games from PlayTech are often developed after some very well known characters, movies, books and much more. This allows them to constantly grow and perhaps also live through some tough times in a single gaming vertical, as their gaming revenues are diversified.

Betsoft Gaming is probably the less known of these all, but they really do stand out with something and that something are their games. Betsoft develops three dimensional casino games, with most of their effort being concentrated to slot machines. They have already grown a lot since the company first started out and I expect that trend to continue, as they implement more innovative technologies alike.

Payout Percentages
This is one of the real benefits for playing online, especially for those playing slot machines. Land based slots often feature a return percentage of around 70%, which means that if you put a $100 bill in this gambling machine, expect to receive $70 in return. This 30% edge is quite massive, if we compare it to online slots.
NetEnt Slots, for example, return an average of 98.5%, while MicroGaming have their average returns at 95%, which is still a huge difference compared to most land based machines.

More About Software and Online Casinos
These aren’t the only companies working in the online gambling verticals, though. In fact, there are well over 100 of them. We’ve just listed the most established ones and those that we see as ones leading this industry, it’s all a subjective opinion, of course.
If you’re really keen about playing casino games online or are just seeking a good resource to learn more about industry, I would suggest starting at :  the guide and review site have been around for more than 5 years and they know what they’re talking about. You’ll also find guides to pretty much all casino games, software providers, countries, devices and casinos found online.
Lastly, be aware that gambling online can be very entertaining and fun, but only if you know your limits. Make sure not to fall into an illusion that it can be a job or a profitable way to spend time longterm. It’s entertainment and as usual, you pay for a good one!