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Casino gambling isn’t just a brick & mortar business for well over a dozen years now and ever since the first real money casino game was offered for play, the industry has been growing at a booming rate. How does this correlate with the title of this article? Quite naturally, when there’s a niche with a lot of money to be made, there are people and companies fighting for the piece of cake. In this article, we’ll take a look at two sides of the story – companies that develop casino games and ones that try their best to regulate the market and make it fair and pleasant for developers.

l Top Casino Game Development Companies in 2016
Everyone have their own preferences and it certainly is a question of taste, when it comes to whether you like a particular casino game or not. Although, some companies really do stand out against the competition, even in a relatively monotone market, such as online gambling. You might think that there aren’t many ways to improve a game of, lets say, BlackJack. Yet, top companies, such as PlayTech and Net Entertainment, have found a way to do so by adding various side bets, progressive jackpots and even updating the rules a little. Lets take a look at the top 5 gambling development giants that are responsible for creating awesome games and entertaining you!
Net Entertainment have occupied the first spot in this list and actually that also does tell something about how we feel about their products. The company is publicly traded on the NASDAQ stock exchange and is based in Stockholm, Sweden. They bring the extraordinary qualities, that you might be familiar with from Scandinavian design, right into online gambling. Latest technologies, innovative features and a top notch finishing touches are a couple of things describing this company.

MicroGaming are the largest developers, if we count the number of total games created, in online gambling. Over 550 games have been developed in total, with over 350 of these being online slots. At one point, company held a 70% market share in the online casino niche – complete monopoly to put it differently. Although the aforementioned times are long gone, MG is still considered to be one of the largest and most popular developers in the gambling market. At the moment, they release between a single and up to three new slot games a month.

PlayTech is a massive online gambling company, specializing in poker, betting and also developing casino gambling games. Opinions about how the company is run differ, but what matters to us and should to you, is the quality of end product – games. PlayTech does particularly well in this area, with their games being among some of the most visually appealing. Company continues that trend in 2014 too, developing several new slot machines that stand out from the crowd with graphics and extraordinary bonus rounds.

Sheriff Gaming might be the less known company of all listed so far, but that doesn’t mean their games are any bit worse than the competitors. In fact, Sheriff is one of the few companies in todays market that create fully three dimensional slot machines, referred to as 3D slots. These games feature realistic characters, voices and sounds that all together add and create an exceptional playing experience. If you’re up for a new slots gambling experience, find a casino powered by these guys!

Cryptologic, now known as Amaya Gaming, is a company as old, as the online gambling industry itself. They are true pioneers and actually were in charge for running the first real money casino game in the Internet environment. Much of that fame and shine is gone, but they certainly still matter in the industry. Game titles such as Millionaires Club, Batman and Superman are all part of this gang. Many top casinos of 2016 are partially backed and empowered by this company, with the most known being

l Various Online Gambling Associations
People who are not all that savvy with either gambling or the Internet in general often ask a single question, before even considering gambling online or on mobile: ”Is it safe?” A pretty regular answer that you’ll get is ”Yes” and that’s about it. Though, there’s a reason behind why gambling online is actually considered to be very safe and that is exactly where gambling associations chime in. These are regulatory bodies, usually market or country dependent, that have one main commitment – to make online gambling as safe and enjoyable as possible. These associations work very closely with top management at some of the finest and best known brick & mortar and online casinos. Lets have a closer look at two well known entities of this type. is the leading governing entity of online and land based casino establishments in Australia. They strive and actually do represent interests of casinos to the government of Australia as well as New Zealand. The entity also represents and is a voice of all casinos and the gambling industry as a whole in the public forums. If you visit their website, you’ll see that just about every popular land based casino is a part of it. Though, that is not all they do. AusCasinos entity is also well invested into helping gambling addicts recover as well as developing campaigns to keep children far from gambling. In short, this is an entity that makes gambling, either online or offline, pleasurable in Australia and New Zealand.

RGA or Remote Gambling Association is a similar entity, created to serve UK and Irish markets. Their commitment and main goals are pretty much the same, as they were for, but they state ”we are here to make gambling fun, enjoyable and ONLY for entertainment purposes”. They might not be as involved in the public forums, as the previous entity, but they certainly are more involved with online gambling operators. Brands such as, Bet365 and William Hill are all part of it.

This should clear things up a little. In hindsight and to kind of sum it up, gambling associations are there to help make gambling right, as it should be. Of course, there will always be people living in an illusion that making a living in a casino is something very possible, but these entities certainly help to avoid situations like that.

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